Welcome to American Faith!

This blog is about American faith, but not about faith in America.  I consider myself to be a patriot, but this blog is not about patriotism.  It is about Christian faith in America.  As America grows more secular, there appear to be more attacks on Christians and the public proclamation of Christianity.  On this blog I will examine what it means to be a public Christian.  No one minds too much what you do in your private life, but if you intend to live as a faithful Christian, Jesus calls you to be public about your faith. Jesus the Messiah says that those who are ashamed of Him will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

What is the best way to be a Christian in the public square today?  That's the question that I intend to examine on this blog.  I hope that you will become a conversation partner in this endeavor.  Your viewpoint matters to me, even if we disagree.  As I add my thoughts in this space, I hope that you will do so also in the Comments section.  May God richly bless your life!

By way of background, I am an Anglican priest serving a parish in Upstate New York.